University Estate Office
Office has been established to function as residential in character as well as affiliation institution falling under the category of unitary character of functionality. As such university must have following important buildings to cater academic, administrative and service providing requirements:-
Academic Building:
  1. Science
  2. Art Faculty
  3. Commerce Faculty
  4. Computer & IT Faculty
  5. Law Faculty
  6. Management faculty
  7. Applied technology faculty
Administrative Building:
  1. VC Secretariat
  2. Registrar Office
  3. Comptroller Office
  4. Secrecy Department
Essential Building & Facilities:
  1. Library
  2. Computer Science
  3. Examination Hall
  4. Sport Complex
  5. Auditorium
  6. Conference & Seminar Rooms
  7. Committee rooms
  8. Audio-Video rooms
  9. Guest house
  10. Academic staff college
  11. Hostels
  12. Canteen& amenities block
  13. Resi. Complex
  14. Bank
  15. Post office
  16. Dispensary
  17. Estate Department
  18. Over head tanks
  19. Shopping complex
  20. Security arrangements
  1.  In order to initiate work following preparatory work will be carried out at the earliest;
    1. Contour map of the site be prepared
    2. Landscaping the planned simultaneously with type of local flora so that same can grow in hot, arid type and rocky strata where the land of University is situated.
    3. Architects may be advised to put up their proposal in the light of vision document having details about the type of structures required building using the holistic approach. They may put in their vision and experience to further enhance the functionality of the entire scheme.
  2. Landscaping for the building and plantation of trees and flora may be taken up simultaneously after completion of compound wall of the campus. The portion which is to be temporarily provided protection in anticipation that additional land may be added up at a later stage needs  to be completed by providing barbed wire fencing or such temporary protection measures.
  3. In addition to above the execution of the works identified as per planning of the architectural layout plan has to be carried out in a phased manner. Presently, university authorities  are more concerned about meeting the current administrative responsibilities and at a later stage supervision & acceleration of activities at the construction site. Therefore the buildings of following nature all ready construct in the first phase & second phase.
  4. First phase:
    1. VC Secretariat
    2. Registrar Office
    3. Secrecy Department
    Second Phase:
    1. Science  Department
    2. Guest House
    3. VC Residence
  5.  Detail of space requirement and facilities required for various departments, laboratories, faculties (including their seating space) ministerial staff of the University & departments and other utilities are to be worked out at a later stage with detailed discussion with the users departments. This detailing will be necessarily done at planning stage to avoid misfits in the use of space created at a great cost.

University  Estate  officer
Administartive Setup
Sanjeev Dubey, Jr. Engg.
Contect : 9414886060

Shri Sanjeev Dubey is Junior engineer in the University and educated from Vidhya Bhawan, Polytechnic College, Udaipur. Shri Dubey has 11 year experience in construction, supervision and quality control of building, waste water, roads & woter supply pipe-line in the University. He has many responsibility including construction, quality control, planning & Management, review of design, drawings & specifications & recommended modification in the working drawings to suit the site condition, quality assurance system and its implementation and execution of remedial measures, progress monitoring, measurement of works, preparation of monthly bill, price escalation as well as final bill including extension of completion of contact and finalization of payment certificate, and supervision of site works as per construction drawings and specification.